Nanjing Rock City
Nanjing Rock City
Nanjing Rock City
Nanjing Rock City
Nanjing Rock City
Nanjing Rock City




Nanjing, Jiangsu, China


Nanjing Rock City expands upon the city's bustling urban and economic growth. Nanjing, a city of over 8,000,000 million, is one of China's ancient capitals, is bustling with growth in the IT tech sector. Located within the Nanjing's new development quarter, this small "city" will provide housing, hotel, office and retail packed with entertainment venues, aiming to become a new focus center for Nanjing.

The design surrounds the site with the towers, opening up the center to an indoor-outdoor pedestrian shopping and entertainment experience which straddles the site, connecting to underground city pedestrian passages. The soft pedestrian center evolves around several key pavilions - "rocks" - offering the public a variety of retail spatial adventures.


  • 190,000 sq m site area

  • 1.5 million sq m building area

  • 3 levels of above ground retail, 1 level of underground retail, 3 office towers, a hotel tower and a residential tower


453 S Spring St, #1024

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