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Guilin Xingjin Plaza aerial
Guilin Xingjin Plaza street view
Guilin Xingjin Plaza interior street
Guilin Xingjin Plaza street view
Guilin Xingjin Plaza nightlife
Guilin Xingjin Plaza street view




Guilin, Guangxi, China

Opened in October 2018

Guilin is a nationally renowned historic city surrounded by a dramatically scenic landscape which attracts tourists from all over China and the world. The Xingjin Plaza project is located south-east of Guilin's Seven Star District, an area of future growth. It is Xingjin Real Estate's first landmark mixed-use development.

Hopscape was invited to take over the design of the commercial podium part of the project in the late schematic development phase, and to suggest ways of visually tying the whole project together. The main concept for commercial spaces was to take advantage of the sloping site by linking a variety of exploratory experiences along open spaces - streets, plazas, retail zones - together at various levels flowing downhill. This way commercial spaces double up vertically, increasing retail presence on upper levels.


  • 40,000 sq m site area

  • 210,000 sq m building area above grade 

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