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Kang Zhuang Masterplan



Kang Zhuang, Hebei, China

Under construction

This project, located in the northwestern district of Hebei province, aims to become the "back garden" for the provincial capital. Our design transforms the area into an integrated park for leisure, entertainment, culture, and ecology, offering citizens a green, comfortable, and healthy recreational space. The layout follows the principle of "one core, two axes, multiple zones," featuring a central landscape area that connects various functional regions. The landscape design harmonizes nature and culture, incorporating local cultural elements through sculptures and landscape features. Architecturally, we focus on a simple, modern, and ecological style, using natural tones and green materials to ensure aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency. The transportation design emphasizes convenience and safety with a well-planned road system and pedestrian-vehicle separation.


  • 450,000 sq m site area

  • 1,210,000 sq m building area above grade 

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