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SJZ Lerthai Center
Wealove Mall Baoding
Yong Chang E-Live Mall
Shiajiazhuang Lerthai Center
Chuan Cheng Shopping Street
Wealove Mall Central Atrium
E-live performance plaza


In the realm where creativity meets craftsmanship, there exists a sanctuary of vision and innovation—Hopscape. As a multi-disciplinary design firm, we weave together the threads of art and architecture to create unique, beautiful, and experiential buildings. Our ethos, encapsulated in our name, Hopscape, speaks to our Holistic approach, where every project is a symphony of Originality and Place-making.

We believe in the power of Sustainable design, crafting spaces that not only respect but enhance the natural world. Each structure we conceive is a testament to the Community it serves, a canvas where Artisanry and the human spirit converge. At Hopscape, we design for People and Experiences, creating masterplans that transcend mere function to touch the soul and ignite the imagination.

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