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Hopscape is a creative team imagining and designing
urban-scale, mixed-use environments
Shiajiazhuang Lerthai Center
Yong Chang E-Live Mall
Wealove Mall Baoding
SJZ Street
Chuan Cheng Shopping Street
Shiajiazhuang Lerthai Center
Chuan Cheng Shopping Street
Pandora's Box Mall
Westrail Mall Sky Plaza
Wealove Mall Central Atrium
Tangshan Westrail Center
E-live performance plaza
Tianjin Jinzhong City
villa olivo
SJZ Lerthai Center

We design cities within cities. Our projects typically include Hotels, Office, Parks, Shopping, Connections, Apartments, People and Experiential Environments.... hence the acronym HOPSCAPE! We have both the creative and technical expertise required to develop designs which are integrated successfully into their existing cultural and physical context; our mission is to provide a positive and enriching environment for the public; and which are financially successful. We enjoy the challenge of working on these complex local and international projects from our offices in Los Angeles and Shanghai.

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