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South Hills Plaza paint design
South Hills Plaza aerial
South Hills Plaza paint design
South Hills Plaza paint design
South Hills Plaza paint design




West Covina, LA County, California

2015, exterior renovation

Nestled in a residential neighborhood, South Hills Plaza provides residents with convenient access to a dynamic retail mix of grocery, dining, professional offices, medical, veterinary, sports, service, leisure, and cultural. The businesses vary from regional centers such as the Tokyo Central Japanese Market, to established International chains such as 24-Hour Fitness and Dunkin’ Donuts, to locally owned businesses and a US post office.

Hopscape has been working with the new owners on upgrades that will expand the possibilities of this center.

In Phase I, Hopscape was invited to provide a low-cost exterior uplift that would give the shopping center an identity, while making it appear friendlier and more energetic. The solution consists of paint design, new signage, and landscaping.

As the ongoing part of Phase II, Hopscape has conducted a variety of site and density design studies to determine what larger construction renovation options are possible.


  • 411,000 sf (38,000 sq m) site area

  • 121,000 sf (11,000 sq m) building area

  • Retail, grocery store, restaurants, medical, sport, leisure, service

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