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Handan Gateway aerial
Handan Gateway street perspective
Handan Gateway transparent retail
Handan Gateway traditional modern
Handan Gateway traditional street
Handan Gateway city aerial
Handan Gateway red pavilion
Handan Gateway street perspective
Handan Gateway snowy winter aerial
Handan Gateway traditional street
Handan Gateway interior street
Handan Gateway modern street




Handan, Hebei, China

In construction, opening in 2023

Rooted to its land and people through over 3000 years of rich and restless history, the city of Handan is an ancient saga of transformation, struggles and endurance. Its earliest tales, emerging from the Spring and Autumn periods of the Chinese empire, depict a land rich with culture and heritage.


Inspired by its ancient tales of courage and ambition, the next chapter for Handan’s story lies in the streets and plazas of this project – Handan Chuan Cheng Street. Spanning almost 1km and commercial GFA of over 300,000sqm, Chuan Cheng Street merges the historic memories with the modern lifestyle of shopping, work and entertainment. Located in the heart of downtown Handan, and bound at its perimeter by the historic Congtai Great Park, the development will serve as the much needed catalyst to truly uplift the city’s image and will become an international destination that is dutiful to its heritage.


  • 210,000 sq m site area

  • 1.1 million sq m building area

  • Total investment of about US$ 580 million

  • 3 levels of retail podium, with a SOHO apartment tower and an office tower

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