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Tangshan Westrail City



Tangshan, Hebei, China

Phase I opened in December 2016

Tangshan Westrail City, the city's first large mixed-use project and supported by ICBC International, will become the new “City Center” for Tangshan and the surrounding Hebei province.

This indoor-outdoor center will feature retail and entertainment venues of international repute, state-of-the-art business facilities; a cultural performance center; hotels; serviced residential towers, and key, public, leisure-sport attractions such as an ice skating rink, a water park, a climbing wall, and a multi-level spa.

This project acts as the face of a larger new development, with a new residential zone backed up right behind it. Our design places the towers at key entry points, either to form a gateway, or to establish focal points for the project. Key architectural structures such as the red "lantern" and the floating corner further help to establish identity and place. The design then unfolds from an interior shopping and entertainment street, to an outdoor one as it transitions and connects to the retail of the residential district.


  • 210,000 sq m site area

  • 1.1 million sq m building area

  • Total investment of about US$ 770 million

  • 3 levels of retail podium, with a SOHO apartment tower and an office tower

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